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5th anniversary.

We are getting a lot of rain and the days are all so humid.

How are you all doing mid-rainy season?

Greetings from A SALON NEW YORK!

I remember that it was raining,

on the first day we opened June 24, 2017, too.

Thanks to the patronage of many customers

Today, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary.

The salon opened one year after I returned to Japan

I remember the anxiety at the beginning, but

Really, with the support of many customers

I am still in business today.

I appreciate you all sincerely.

It had been a longtime dream for me

To have my own shop in my hometown Nagasaki

In the five years since the day my dream was realized

So that we can deliver a healing experience for those at home

We launched our original brand "Angel Moon"

and developed both shampoo and treatment

It finally available for purchase

To the customers who come to the store,

To my friends, and to all of you who are involved

I will continue to develop,

With more gratitude in my heart than ever,

An intimate healing space.

We are prepared to welcome you

with "Graceful and Sophisticated" refinement.

from now on and always,


"Angel Moon"

Thank you everyone

June 24, 2022


Atsuko Harada


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